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The Kingo Houses (or Romerhusene (the Roman houses))  is a housing development designed by architect Jørn Utzon on 6.5 hectares (16 acres) of land in the outskirts of Helsingør (Elsinore), Denmark between the roads: Gurrevej, Kingosvej, Carl Plougs Vej and neighbouring Montebello .
It consists of 60 L-shaped houses based upon the design of traditional Danish farmhouses with central courtyards.
The buildings, designed by the architect Jørn Utzon, consists of 60 atrium houses each 15 x 15 metres, based upon the design of traditional Danish farmhouses with central courtyards. It were erected in three stages between 1957 and 1960.
The rest of the area has been laid out as a natural landscape with hills, lake and meadows. This common ground is owned and maintained by the residents.
When built the houses were called Kingohusene in honour of the Kingo Building Society that administrated them, and it is still under this name that they are known both nationally and internationally.
However, locally they were referred to as Romerhusene and this name became the norm when the houses were sold off individually after being built.


As one of the first large building complexes to be preserved in recent years, Romerhusene and their adjoining areas were listed as worthy of preservation
on 30th June 1987.
The aim of the preservation order is not to return the complex to its original appearance, but, instead, to primarily ensure that all future changes to the
buildings are undertaken with the greatest possible consideration to the original architecture and idea.
Preservation decisions are still up for discussion and development. At the moment, emphasis is on tightening interpretation of the original concept and
making greater demands to that which has already been preserved.
As part compensation for the duties an owner of a preserved house is obliged to perform, there are certain property tax reductions whereby
maintenance expenses can be deducted.

The Green Plan

The adjoining common ground also falls under the preservation order and planting and maintenance take place in accordance with the Green Plan.
This plan describes what the common area ought to look like, and lays out procedures for maintenance.
The Green Committee, appointed by the Board of Directors, plans and implements working days and working weekends, which entail a combination of
work and social gatherings.

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The Kingo Houses are private property, but you are allowed to visit, if you respect our privacy.
It´s possible to arrange a guided tour, if you contact us by mail: